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Some technical precautions are required

  1. Have an antivirus program
  2. Have an antispyware program
  3. Have a firewall
  4. Make sure that software that uses the internet is up to date by activating automatic updating functions
  5. Check these updates regularly: once a week on average.

To safely use the power of the internet, some simple reflexes are essential.

Using services offered over the internet properly

To safely use the power of the internet, some simple reflexes are essential.


1. Do not open any emails when you don't know the source, even if the subject is appealing, serious, important.

2. Never disclose personal information (personal codes, etc.).

3. Make some simple checks: 

      • -Is the email in French?
        -Do you know the sender?
        -Are you really in the list of recipients?
        -Is the attachment a type at risk (link to “Safe surfing/Protecting yourself from viruses")?
        -Does the content appear to be quite intelligible, coherent?
        -Are you personally concerned?
        -If the message is in French, does it contain odd characters?​

Of the answer is “no" to any of these questions, take precautions, the message might contain a virus, a Trojan, a hoax, spam, phishing.


1. Memorise access codes, never record them anywhere.

2. If you go to your banking site, or if you want to make a purchase over the internet, carefully check the spelling of the address of the site you are on.

3. If you pay for purchases over the internet, make sure you are in a safe place (SSL security) when communicating information about your payment method: credit card number, account number. ​

In Summary

To safely surf the internet, it is recommended to:

Have the following software that needs to be updated regularly: 

      • Antivirus
      • Antispyware
      • Firewall ​
  • Check: 
the legitimacy of emails received
the address of websites visited ​
  • Memorise your access codes without recording them anywhere.

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